HoistCable TL55

Snow & cold temperatures effect many things on cranes, extra care & attention required during pre-shift inspection, startup & operation.

1. End of shift leave trolley 10’ from tower & hook block 10’ from trolley. Never park on inner limit or on upper limit. Sometimes extra weight on hook might help sheaves & trolley rollers the next morning. Make sure panel heaters are working & panel door gets closed properly. Plug generator block heater in at night if has block heater.

2. 1st thing in morning, warm up generator before idling up. Inspect crane, clean off snow from top of hoist/trolley drums & Verify panel heaters working.

3. Swing left 1/8 revolution, swing right 1/8 revolution verify brake releases & sets & crane swings freely.

4. Trolley in/out 1’, verify brake releases & sets. This also verifies inner/outer limits are not froze up. Trolley out 20’ while watching hook block. If sheaves are froze, block could two-block into trolley & could damage cable &/or sheaves. As trolleying in & out heavy snow/ice could be pushed off top of jib cords (swing over a safe place when doing this), ice in sheaves could force cable out of sheave grooves and trolley could also get off track &/or damaging rollers.

5. Hoist up 5’, 1speed only, verify brake releases & sets. While watching hoist drum, lower hoist 1 speed only verifying weight of block is pulling cable off hoist drum. Repeat 4-5 times until safe to lower hoist to ground

6. Verify power cord doesn't get twisted going thru center of crane, un-wind as needed. Verify crane is weather veining at night to confirm weather vein components are working properly

7. Always complete daily inspection before operating.

** Please let us know if any assistance needed or more blank daily inspection sheets needed

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